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Solar API

Expand your portfolio with our Solar API and take your solar consulting and sales services, online and offline, to the next level. Use our comprehensive solar potential data to offer your customers valuable analyses and automated simulations of solar modules, including a detailed profitability check for solar systems.

Product Features

The technology behind our Solar API

How it works: Our API uses extensive data to enable customised configurations for the planning and profitability calculation of photovoltaic systems for every building. In addition to a detailed concept and profitability analysis for solar systems, you also receive visually processed data that shows the irradiation and shading conditions as well as the optimal roof areas for solar energy generation.

Customised solar potential analysis

Our API takes your specific requirements into account—from calculation bases and hardware parameters to PV system prices.

Comprehensive data availability

Benefit from comprehensive data for precise analyses of solar cells.

Complete profitability calculation

Receive comprehensive profitability analyses for your solar system projects.

Shading and irradiation analysis

Use detailed analyses to optimise solar systems.

Individual load profiles and consumer analyses

Adapt the simulations of solar modules with customizable load profiles and electricity storage systems to specific customer requirements.

Electricity storage simulation

Use the API to simulate your storage solutions in different configurations.

Electricity storage simulation and automatic module placer

Simulate storage solutions and optimise the arrangement of solar modules.

Realistic potential estimation

Take into account the size, shape and inclination of the roof surface for accurate predictions.

License model


Pay only for the building data actually requested, with a minimum purchase of credits.

Flexible calculation variants

Experiment with different configurations for photovoltaic systems without paying multiple times.

Free limited trial version

Convince yourself of the power of our API.

Data basis

Access to free or licensed data: Choose the data sources that suit you.

Over 135 million building data in Europe: Use our extensive database for your projects.

The Solar API provides realistic potential data even without a surface model.


Discover the full potential of solar energy with our Solar API! Take your online solar services to the next level with customised configurations, detailed profitability analyses and innovative functions. Optimise your solar business now!

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Answers to frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What are the use cases for the API?

The API can be used, for example, to enrich existing data records in your own systems (CRM) with solar potential data. An irradiation image and information on usable areas are available for each address. Such data can be used in the back office for better communication. Data exports are also possible, for example to launch marketing campaigns (online & offline). Due to the large and constantly growing range of functions, it is also possible to program your own applications, such as for lead generation. The API provides the data basis for this as well as profitability calculations.

What methods are there for requesting the API?

In most cases, the API is requested with geocoordinates. A conversion from address to geocoordinates must be carried out one step in advance, for example with Google. However, it is also possible to call up the buildings directly at a later time using an internal ID or existing system configurations.

What types of Solar API are there and where does the data come from?

We have pre-calculated buildings in large areas of Germany and other European countries. This is possible if the required data (3D point clouds and cadastral data) is made available as open data by official bodies (authorities/offices). This is now (actually) mandatory in the EU. If a request is made in an area outside of pre-calculated data, we try to use data from third-party providers such as the "Google Solar API". Here we download the required data "on demand", process it and then carry out a roof detection and irradiation analysis. If no 3D data is available there either, we offer the use of the "no-data" API. In this case, the user manually defines one or more roof surfaces on which we then carry out a system design and profitability calculation. Only in this case does no shading analysis take place. All variants of the API offer the same range of functions as well as the same input and output format.

How quickly does the API respond?

The API usually takes less than two seconds to respond. If an "on-demand" request has been triggered, the runtime depends on the size of the building. In this case, the first call takes around 30 seconds due to the necessary data download from Google and the detailed shading analysis. Each subsequent request then runs again at the usual speed, as this analysis only has to be carried out once. Individual optional functions, such as the automatic module placer, can extend the runtime.

Does the solar calculator also work in areas without open data?

Yes, the solar calculator is not dependent on the availability of data. It can be used in all areas. See also Data independence.

Can data sources other than OpenData also be integrated into the photovoltaic calculator?

Yes, it is important that it is either laser scan data or high-resolution data (min. 4 points per square meter). We can also integrate Google Sunroof data for urban areas, which is purchased separately and passed on to you on a one-to-one basis.

How is the API protected against access?

The API is protected by basic auth, but can also be accessed with an API key. More information can be found in the API documentation (online, with test account).

What is the request limit?

The standard daily limit is 2500 requests, the minute limit is 30 requests. The limits can be increased on request.

What if I have used up my credits?

We keep an eye on the credit packages and contact you when your credits run out.

Can I view my requests?

Yes, in our HUB, our own backend, you can view the requests you have made and also make settings.

Can module, storage and inverter prices be adjusted to our prices?

Yes, all PV hardware can be stored in our system and used for all calculations. This includes PV modules, battery storage systems, inverters, charging stations or even your own individual categories.

Can I store my own load profiles for calculation?

Yes, it is possible to store your own load profiles in the API (and then activate them using a shortcut) or to transfer them dynamically with each request. The complete profitability calculation is based on the selected load profile.

In which license model is the API offered?

We offer the API in a pay-per-use license model. Various credit packages are available depending on the expected volume of requests. The costs per building depend on the size of the building and the package booked (the larger the package, the cheaper it is). Only the building is calculated, i.e. a new call with different calculation parameters, for example, does not generate any additional costs.

Do you also offer other products including the Solar API?

Yes, we offer you solutions for the entire sales channel - from the initial contact with potential customers (Solar lead generator) to the preparation of an individual offer (Offer Tool) and the signing of the contract by the customer.

How quickly can the API be set up?

The API is ready for use within 1-2 working days.

Is there a test account?

Yes, we will be happy to create a test account for you on request. This allows you to use the full range of functions for a small number of buildings.

Is there a development environment?

Yes, there is a dedicated server that you can use separately from the live system.

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